Route Recorder

Fully featured GPS route logging tool. Can record coordinates of where you have been, display them on your phone, export them to Google Earth, view statistics of your route and even attach photos. A new way to record and share where you have been!

Full version allows exporting of more then 500 coordinates, other then that both versions are the same.


Developed for Android, by: Martin Sykes

Version 3.0 - 3rd Dec 2011 (current release)

  • New layout, shows graphs and maps together.
  • Graphs improved, also you can now click on them and see the position on the map.
  • Faster more stable loading and saving.
  • File formats simplified kmz (Goolge Earth) is the only visible format.
  • Can now share routes as pictures to Facebook/Twitter and other services.
  • Shared kmz files and accounts removed, superceeded by Facebook sharing.

Version 2.5 - 7th Nov 2010:

  • Now uses default phone camera app.
  • Photo viewer improved.
  • Speed/Altitude graphs updated.
  • Altitude can now be shown in feet.
  • Updated compass.
  • Few bug fixes.

Version 2.3 - 10th Oct:

  • New theme, easier to use.
  • Initial location fixed.
  • Moved to Android 1.6 and above, larger screen resolution.
  • Added setting for satalite mode.

Version 2.2 - 7th May:

  • Camera fixed for the Android 2.x OS
  • Slightly improved ui, better/more clear routes on map.
  • Images now compressed when sent instead of when took
  • Uploading now done in background.
  • Resolved bug Issues of a recovered route duplicating itself.
  • Resolved bug when adding a second checkpoint.
  • Faster GPS coordinates by default for new users. (existing users change it in settings)
  • Resolved bug of not loading interface properly on resume.
  • Moved file rename/delete to file manager.
  • Made it easier to access stats and map from open files.

Version 2.1 - 3rd April:

  • Improved interface and graphs on the stats tab.
  • Fixed bug on the stats graph when viewing checkpoints.
  • Fixed bug on full version where it still asked you to pay for it.

Version 1.9 - 28th Feb:

  • Completly rebuilt ui to be more intuitive.
  • Added altitude to routes and stats.
  • Made the GPS more accurate (only accept more accurate results)
  • Can view and compare more then one route on the map at a time.
  • Added graphs for speed and altitude.
  • Allows the app to upload and download via still in beta.

Version 1.8 - 10th Feb:

  • Fixes bug with settings which only affected the full version.

Version 1.7 - 7th Feb:

  • Ui updates
  • New mingps update time settings
  • New gallery function
  • New integration in to phones image viewer
  • Better memory management, (auto closing)
  • Routes split after 24hours in to day 1,2 etc...

Version 1.6 - 24th Jan:

  • Removed export web which was accidently left in from previous update. (feature not ready yet)

Version 1.5 - 24th Jan:

  • Swopped maps api key to allow maps to work again.

Version 1.4 - 24th Jan:

  • Critical update to prevent pictures from being deleted when renaming a route.

Version 1.3 - 24th Jan:

  • List keeps updated better.
  • Maps now draw lines off, of edges.
  • Added live stats.
  • Camera more stable.
  • Can now resume tmp files if app crashes.

Version 1.2 - 17th Jan:

  • Ability to view in Km or Miles.
  • New file format CSV better file handling.
  • UI Tweeks
  • Ability to import/export as KMZ

Version 1.1 - 10th Jan:

  • Ability to export as KML
  • UI Updates




Copyright © Martin Sykes 2010